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You pick the topics and the pace.  Designed for people seeking office in 12 months or more.

The Candidate Training program is designed to prepare candidates prior to the qualifying date for their selected race. The program is a long-term comprehensive strategy session that is tailored to the client. Professor/Student type of relationship rather than campaign consultant relationship is designed to guide candidate through all the steps of their campaign.

Select the modules you need or get the complete training with initial retainer fee and then a low monthly payment for the duration of their program. PolitaCoach will help prepare candidates for, but not limited to the following:

  • Fundraising: Establishing a budgeting, fundraising planning and organization;

  • Public Speaking: Giving a Stump Speech;

  • Preparing for Press Conferences and Interviews;

  • Community Forum and Debate preparation;

  • Looking like a Candidate: Attire, Physical fitness, Hair & Makeup;

  • Identifying, growing, and re-engaging your networks;

  • Contacting and Networking with elected and community leaders;

  • Communication Plan for networking Grasstops;

  • Grassroots communication and plan;

  • Designing a Platform and Policy Stances;

  • Identifying base voters;

  • Social Media preparation and continuity;

  • Website consulting;

  • Creating introduction video content;

  • Selecting campaign software;

  • Creating a campaign calendar;

  • Preparing for policy discussions & debates;

  • Researching your opposition;

  • Selecting campaign consultants;

  • Volunteer recruitment plan;

  • Yard Signs/T-shirt consultation;

  • Mailer plan;

  • and more.

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