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The Candidate Training program is designed to prepare candidates prior to the qualifying date for their selected race. The program is a long-term comprehensive strategy session that is tailored to the client. Professor/Student type of relationship rather than campaign consultant relationship is designed to guide candidate through all the steps of their campaign.



NO MORE STARTING FROM SCRATCH. The Campaign Starter Kit is the ultimate guide to planning, launching + running your campaign for elected office.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE. The Campaign Starter Kit includes every template + resource you’ll need to plan, launch and run your campaign for elected office – in one place –  sparing you from spending countless hours Googling what you need.


Online bootcamp at the Candidates pace - this online course gives you everything you need to know to begin your run.

- Assess your campaign readiness

- Learning fundraising and communications 101

- How to build your team

- and more!


Do you have a great paid or volunteer team that will be passionate about your race but have very little knowledge about components of a campaign? PolitaCoach can help.


We can train individual staff members or your entire team. PolitaCoaches will evaluate the needs of your team and ensure that someone is prepared to handle all the components of your campaign.


Whether your staff includes one person or a team of people we can propel your campaign by helping your staff avoid unnecessary errors. Campaigning is a science and PolitaCoach has the winning formula.


The PolitaCoaches can come to your team, group, or organization.  We can organize a training for you or help to teach sessions in your previously planned conference or seminar. The PolitaCoaches have all the experience to help with any political topics including:

  • Targeting Voters

  • Voter Communication

  • Creating a Field Plan

  • Creating a Campaign Plan

  • Creating a Fundraising Plan

  • And much more. 


Check out the modules offered in our advanced candidate training sessions for other topics.

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